HSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board In Bangladesh (Free Check)

Today published HSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board. Are you looking Dhaka Board Result? It is perfect place to check the HSC Result. Many people check their result in this website (www.eboard-result.com). This website provide best security to secure your data or info for perform the HSC Exam Result. You can easily check your result here.

HSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board:

Higher Secondary Public Examination is held simultaneously throughout in Bangladesh. It is the largest high school public examination in Bangladesh. About 2 million students participate in this exam.

Each student is hoping that this year’s HSC exam results will be the best compare to the next year. The Bangladesh Board of Education has taken the HSC exam safely. Students and parents are in a very stressful position to check the results of their children. When will the HSC result be announced?

HSC Result Dhaka Board

As soon as the HSC test results are published all over Bangladesh, you can check the results online or with mobile SMS. Every student will be able to collect results from this website and get a quick result. If you do not understand how to check the exam results, let us know via comment. Reading the article here will help you to get quick results.

HSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board Published:

Do you know when the HSC result of the Dhaka Board will be published? Maybe many of you don’t know. I tell you when the results of the Dhaka Board will be released.

The results of this board are published every year in July. But according to the rules, the HSC results were published by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education Board within 60-70 days after the exam complete.

dhaka board result published date

But a few days ago, the Bangladesh Higher Secondary Education Ministry said that on a meeting that the Dhaka Board HSC results were released on July 16, 2020. This information is disclosed to the Board of Higher Education.

Link: SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board

The HSC results are released on July 16, 2020 at 12:00 am. All the students will be able to check this result online from all over Bangladesh simultaneously. Also you can check the test results by sending SMS.

Dhaka Board HSC Result 2020 :

Dhaka Education Board is one of the largest and strongest education boards in Bangladesh. This Higher Secondary Education Board is located in the capital of Bangladesh.

This Board of Education was established in 1921 in Dhaka district in Bangladesh. At present, the headquarters of this building is located in the Bakshibazar area of Dhaka.

The Dhaka Higher Secondary Education Board is being run with good reputation throughout in Bangladesh. Even today, the Dhaka Board retains their reputation. They are also hoping to get first place from all over Bangladesh.

If you are a successful student of the Dhaka Board, we wish you the best of luck. From here you can safely check the results of Dhaka Board. This website has made the necessary arrangements to check the results.

Link: JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board

Many students do not know where to go? or how to check the results? I am going to tell you from here how to check the HSC result 2020 Dhaka Board. Necessary arrangements are made to check the results of each student.

Dhaka Board Result Online Check:

Friends, Dhaka Education Board is going to publish the HSC exam results online. All students will be able to take the HSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board Online Examination through the Internet

The role of the internet is important to check the HSC exam results. Students can check HSC results quickly with the help of internet. Because it’s a simple method to check results. You can check the test results from anywhere.

If you are an HSC Examiner, you will be able to take your personal examination with your personal (roll number). You don’t have to go anywhere to check the HSC results. You can check the latest results from the website www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. See below:

hsc result check

Dhaka Board Result 2020 Check by Mobile SMS:

Today I will share with all friends how you can check the HSC Result Dhaka Board Result by sending SMS. HSC exam results can be checked by mobile SMS. This can be called an alternative to the online option.

What do you do if there is no internet connection around you? As an alternative to this, the Bangladesh Education Board has developed a method of checking results through mobile SMS.


First you turn on your mobile. Then you go to the Mobile Message Option Menu. Then go there and enter the name of the exam board (HSC) and space with the board name of three letters (DHA) and space followed by the year of the test (2020) and space with roll (12345) and send it to 16222.

Shortly after you send the message, you will receive a return SMS. You can see the HSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board results there. The following is a rule on how to message –

Example: HSC <> DHA <> 2020 <> 12345 to send 16222

Dhaka Board Result Check by Mobile Apps:

You can check the HSC exam results with mobile apps. You need to download a mobile app for this. These apps allow you to quickly check results.

You must be wondering where do I download these apps? I am answering this question. You can download these apps from this website. Click to download the apps. Link given below.

Then you install and install these apps. When installing Apps is complete, launch Apps. And with these apps you can check the results very easily. Provide the necessary information to check the required results by going to these Apps. Then you can easily verify the results.

Link: JSC Result 2020

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