JSC Result 2020 – Bangladesh Education Board Result with Marksheet

JSC Result 2020 with Marksheet all Education Board Result. Junior school Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificat (JDC ) Result 2020. In this website, you find your result easily.

You can quickly and easily find your result using the internet. Here we discuss how to get your JDC and JSC Result 2020 all Education Board in Bangladesh.

Also, discuss when published your JDC and JSC Result 2020. You can get your result using the internet and also mobile SMS system. Official website, mobile app and the SMS system to get your result.

Don’t worry you are in the right place here you know more about JSC/JDC Exam and JDC / JSC Result 2020.

JSC Result 2020 :

jsc result 2019

JSC and JDC is the second largest public exam in Bangladesh. Every large number of students participate in the JSC and JDC exam 2020.

The Ministry of Education controls the exam which powered by Education Board Bangladesh. 24 lakh students more than sit for this examination from all over the country.

There are eight general Education Board and one Madarasha Board are arranging the JSC and JDC exam. JSC exam and JDC exam will start on 2nd November 2020.

JSC routine 2020 and also JDC routine already published. Last year the total number of 26,70,333 students 14,46,601 girls and 12,23,732 boys and have registered from 29,677 schools and madrasas for this year’s exams.

JSC Result 2020 Published Date :

JSC Result 2019 Published Date

JSC and JDC exam start 2nd November 2020 and finished 11th November 2020. After finishing the exam result will be published within 60 days. Last year the result published 31th December 2020.

We think this year result will be published on 30th December 2020. Don’t worry when officially published result than on this website you find.

Examination Name  Junior school certificate (JSC)
Exam Date2nd November 2020 to 11th November 2020
JSC Result 2020 Published Date31st December 2020

How to check JSC Result 2020 :

There is three popular way to check your result. Which way you check your result given below:

JSC Board Challenge Process 2020 :

  1. Check JSC Result 2020 by Online
  2. Check JSC Result 2020 by SMS
  3. Check JSC Result 2020 by App

In this website, we discuss all method how to get your result read the full article. so, let’s see the steps to check your JDC and JSC result 2020.

JSC Result 2020 by Online :


You can check your result through online. It is the best methods to find your result fast and easily. The result is available on the official website of the public examination board.

But when you go to check your result on the official website then your face to server down. You do not get your result fast. So, we make a server for you on this website because you check your result fast and easily to stay our website.

It’s not very complicated to check your result. Just follow the steps given below. Two methods to check your result by online

Server 1 : ( educationboardresults.gov.bd )

  1. Check server is given below:
  2. Choose on the JSC/JDC Examination button.
  3. Choose on the Board option and select your board name.
  4. Type your Roll Number in the given option.
  5. Type your Registration Number.
  6. Click on Get Results button.
  7. Your result will be displayed on your Mobile/Computer screen. Good Luck…!!!

Server 2 : ( eboardresults.com )


There is another website server to check your result.

  1. Check server is given below:
  2. Than you choose JSC Result button.
  3. Choose the year, e.g. 2020.
  4. Now your choose your board name.
  5. So, you choose your result type, e.g. Individual.
  6. Enter your Registration Number.
  7. Click on Get Result button.
  8. Your Result will pop up on your Mobile/Computer screen. Good Luck…!!!

JSC Result 2020 by SMS :

jsc result 2019 by sms

The second most popular way to check your result through mobile SMS. You can get your result very fast and easily by sending a message.

In this article, we discuss how to get your result by SMS. But you check your result by SMS when published result on Online. First, check your result using the Internet on Online.

  • First, go to your mobile SMS option.
  • Type HSC <space> Board Name ( First 3 letter ) <space> Your Roll Number <space> 2020 send to 16222

Terms :

  • Check your result using all mobile phone operators in Bangladesh.
  • For every SMS you will be charged 2.44 Tk.
  • After publishing result at 2.00 pm, you can send the message to find your result.
  • All public result in Bangladesh Check by Mobile SMS is powered by Teletalk mobile operator.

JSC Result 2020 by App :

jsc result 2019 by app

You can check also your result by an app. Ministry of Education has launched Its official apps to check your results. There are so many unofficial apps also available in your mobile app store.

Some apps are good and some are bad. Here we also discuss official apps and unofficial best app of result checking. Given follow instruction to install the app.

  1. Go to this link-
  2. Download the app
  3. Open the app and see all public exam list click JSC Result
  4. You see so many options like server 1, Server 2
  5. Click any option to check your result
  6. Type all your exam details such as JSC examination, roll number, board name, registration number and year.
  7. Tap on the Submit button. You will get the results in no time.

JSC Result 2020 Mark Distribution :

All Education Board provides the result with GPA which depends on every subject GPA. Below we provide jsc exam marks distribution process:

JSC Result 2019 Mark Distribution

JSC Result 2020 All Education Board :

There is nine education board in Bangladesh and one Madrasha Board. They are:

  1. JSC Result 2020 Dhaka BoardDHA
  2. JSC Result 2020 Comilla BoardCOM
  3. JSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board – CHI
  4. JSC Result 2020 Barisal Board – BAR
  5. JSC Result 2020 Jessore Board – JES
  6. JSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board – RAJ
  7. JSC Result 2020 Mymensingh Board – MYM
  8. JSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board – SYL
  9. JSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board – DIN
  10. JSC Result 2020 Madrasah Board – MAD

Now, let us go through all these examination boards:

JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board :


JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board. You can also get your result from online and via SMS besides the official result check to visit Dhaka board website. Website URL:- dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd You can also check your result form Dhaka Education Board official website.

There are most students attend JSC Exam under Dhaka Board. Dhaka Board also gets the highest number of GPA 5 results in the country. If you want to check Dhaka Board result form SMS follow the given below steps:

  • Go to your mobile Message option.
  • The Type is given below format.
  • Send to 16222

JSC <space> DHA <space> 102030 <space> 2020

JSC Result 2020 Comilla Board :


Comilla Board also arranged to check your result fast. If you are looking for JSC Result 2020 Comilla Board? Here we also discuss how to get result beside the main official website.

When you visit the Comilla Board website than see Menu bar just click on the resulting menu. Then you go to the result page. Then follow the instruction and check your result fast.

Website URL – old.comillaboard.gov.bd

Comilla Education Board JSC Result can also check from SMS method. First, wait for publishing the Result officially at Online. If the Result has already published, send the below message now:

JSC <space> COM <space> Roll <space> 2020

After Typing the Message, send it to 16222 from Your Mobile Phone. SMS Charge is 2.44 BDT. It will be charged from your Mobile Account Balance.

Please be noted that Emergency balance won’t work to send the message. So, recharge your Mobile Account and keep sufficient balance.

JSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board :


JSC exam under Chittagong education board gets their result on Internet, mobile SMS and android apps. Chittagong board also arranged all system for students and their guardians can find Result on Chittagong board official website.

So, when result published you will get your result by visiting bise-ctg.gov.bd . So, visit this website and click Result form the menu bar. Input your roll and registration number and get your result.

Check your result through mobile SMS. Go to your mobile message option and type the below message:

JSC <space> CHI <space> Roll <space> 2020

send this message to 16222. You get return message with the result. Message sent must be after publishing the result.

JSC Result 2020 Barisal Board :

jsc result 209 barisal board

You can check your Barisal board result from here. Barisal Education Board also published their result on their official website. JSC exam result 2020 available on Barisal board website.

First, visit Barisal board official website barisalboard.gov.bd . Then you will see the result check page on the homepage. So, during the JSC Result published time you will find your JSC Result 2020 on Barisal board website.

Check your result you must provide roll number and registration number then submit then you know your result.

The Result can check the same time of online and also form mobile SMS. The result can check the same time of online from mobile SMS system.

As a result, here we provide the Official mobile SMS system of JSC Result 2020 Barisal Board. Firstly, go to your mobile SMS option than type below message and send it to 16222.

JSC <space> BAR <space> Roll <space> 2020

JSC Result 2020 Jessore Board :

jsc result jessore board

Jessore Education Board Result 2020. Barisal Board provides its result in their website. They publish result so students easily check their result from this website.

Check result system show on homepage. If, you want to check your result with marks than input your roll number and reg number.

Three methods to check JSC result 2020 Jessore Education Board can be checked from mobile SMS, online and Android App.

The result can check the same time you also check your result by SMS when result published on online. official mobile SMS system of JSC result 2020 Barisal board given below:

JSC <space> JES <space> Roll <space> 2020

We recommend to always, try to check your result from Online. But, the SMS system is the alternative process.

JSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board :


JSC exam students, who attended on the JSC exam 2020 can check their JSC Result 2020 Sylhet board form here. Students can find their result form Sylhet board website.

Sylhet board officially publish their result. Website link-sylhetboard.gov.bd You find your result three ways online, mobile sms and app. We, recommend you to find your result by online.

Sylhet Board Official mobile SMS format to check JSC Result 2020 Sylhet Education Board. SMS format given below :

JSC <space> SYL <space> Roll <space> 2020

Send the message to 16222. Message sent after publishing the result officially at Online. SMS Charge is 2.44 BDT (including all taxes).

JSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board :

jsc result 209 dinajpur board

JSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board publish their result on their internet portal. All students who attend jsc exam 2020 under Dinajpur board they can find their result form Dinajpur board official website.

Website url- result.dinajpurboard.gov.bd . Need result you must provide to roll number and registration number. It is very easy system.

Dinajpur examiner also check their result by sms and mobile app. Check our JSC Result 2020 by App part than you check your result easily.

To find out your Dinajpur education board result from Mobile SMS, follow these steps. Firstly, Open your mobile message option. Then, type this Message:

JSC <space> DIN <space> Roll Number <space> 20200

Roll number means JSC six digits. Send this Message to 16222. Most probably, you will receive your result within a minute. Message sent after publish your result.

JSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board :

jsc result 209 Rajshahi Board

JSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board check result, we recommend you to visit the Rajshahi Education Board official website. website url- rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd Than you input your roll number, reg number and check your result by visiting official website.

Need to JSC Individual result than must provide roll Number and JSC institution result by entering the institute EIIN number. Mostly, all school teachers get their institute result from institution result.

You can also get result to send a message with some information. Know your Rajshahi board result by sms firstly go to the message option. Secondly, type the below format :

JSC <space> RAJ <space> Roll <space> 2020

This message finally send it to 16222 and get your result.

JSC Result 2020 Mymensingh Board :

jsc result 2019 mymensingh board

Mymensingh board. Mymensingh board is new. You can check your result Mymensingh board by internet. Easily get your JSC Result 2020 Mymensingh board through internet.

We already said that how to get your result by online. Check out your result by Online. Here you know how get your result first and easy.

To get your results by mobile sms it is another easy method. Just go to your mobile sms option and type below format:

JSC <space> MYM <space>Roll <space> 2020

JDC Result 2020 Madrasah Board :

jsc result 209 Madrasah Board

Junior Dakhil Certificate JDC Result 2020 Can check through Online, Mobile SMS and Mobile Application. Same result method apply to get your JDC Result.

Madrasah Board will publish their result under Madrasha Board. JDC Result 2020 Online Process.

You will get the Result from three website one is Madrasah Board official Website ( http://www.bmeb.gov.bd ) , educationboardresults.com , and eboardresults.com.

First of all, We recommend checking JDC Result 2020 from eboardesults.com and educationboardresults.com. While you will visit the result portal, you will get your result easily.

All system is similarly like JSC Result. Just select your Education Board Name: Madrasah. Other process is same to JSC Result. Just read our Server 1 : ( educationboardresults.gov.bd ) and Server 2 : ( eboardresults.com ) part. Then you know everything.

Another popular system is mobile SMS. So, you can use mobile SMS procedure to check the JDC Result 2020. You can send a message with the below Format. So, type the below Message now:

JDC <space> MAD <space> Roll <space> 2020

Finally, send the Message to 16222 from your any mobile phone. The system is powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. but, no restriction available. 2.44 BDT charge for one message.

JSC Result Board Challenge 2020 :

You can challenge your result after published your result. Result re-scrutiny will be publish within 30 days from the application deadline. This system update by all Education Board on their official website.

When you challenge your result? If, you do not get your satisfied result also you think your result is not correct.

Than you must challenge your result sometime result changed after board challenge. But most of time result not change.


We hope your understand how to get your result. In this article we discuss many thing in your result related. We, hope you get your result fast and easily after read this article.

Also check out your board related article than you know get your result with mark-sheet. If, you have any question than comment below we try to answer.

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