SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board in Bangladesh

Today I will discuss with you the SSC Result 2020 Dhaka board results. I will share with you how to check the SSC exam result. One of the board of education on the Dhaka board.

About 4 lakh students take SSC exams from this board. But after completing the SSC exam, each student looks for the right place to take the results. Who after many searches could not find the right place.

I would tell them to come to Here are the steps needed to check the test results. There you can quickly and safely check the results.

Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board have taken necessary measures for SSC examination. The key to this examination is the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

Each year, the ASC examiner acts as the “Bangladesh Education Board” controller. They provide the necessary information in this important test. You don’t worry.

We will share with you all the information that results. If you read this article patiently, you will be able to quickly find out all the necessary information regarding the results.

SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board Publish Date:

Many of us are eager to know the date of release of SSC Exam result. You have searched a lot but exact information about this topic has not yet been found. Don’t worry.

I am telling you the SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board Publish Date. In the meantime the Board of Secondary Education released a new information about the SSC exam results on their official website.

It has been stated that SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board will be published on 17 May 2019. Further, you can check the results online from all over Bangladesh at the same time. It will release at 12:00 pm noon. You can quickly check results online.

Dhaka Board Result 2020 check by Online:

After much waiting, the results of the SSSC test have been released. Let you know today where you can check your quick results. I hope you all can check the results quickly.

Main Education Board in Bangladesh is – Dhaka Education Board. Dhaka Education Board announced the results. You can check SSC Exam 2020 online with the help of internet.

The Internet can check the results very fast. If you want to check the results using the internet then there are some rules to follow. This allows you to quickly check the results. The rules are as follows:

Check Your SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board in 2 Methods :

Generally check ssc result in 3 ways. Check result by online, sms and app. Now we are telling you how to check your result by online. You can check your result by online in 2 ways.

  1. First methods is
  2. Second Method is

Method 1 :

Now telling you how to check your result visiting education board result website. See given below steps and get your result easily. Steps by step information provide below just read this post carefully.

  • So, now time check your result go this website –
  • Than select Examination – SSC
  • Now time to select Year – 2020
  • Choose your Board – Dhaka
  • Now provide SSC Roll Number
  • Provide Your SSC Reg. Number
  • Solve this math Example – 9+7 = 16
ssc result 2020 dhaka board educationboardresult

Method 2 :

Now time check your result with another process. This process are too much easy. This server also official result website. This website another best alternative website for checking result.

Check below process than you check your result easily.

  • Go to this website first –
  • Examination – Choose exam – SSC
  • Year – 2020
  • Board – Select your board.
  • Result Type – Select result type – Individual Result
  • Roll – Input your result
  • Registration (Optional) – Input your Registration Number. It is optional.
  • Security Key – Solve this.
  • Now time to click – Get Result
ssc result 2020 dhaka board eboardresult

SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board by SMS:

Here you can check the SSC exam result by mobile SMS. This can be called an alternative approach. What do you do now if you have no internet connection?

As an alternative method, mobile SMS checks results. First you turn on your mobile. Then you come to the Mobile Message Option Menu.

From there, write your first exam name (SSC) with space, write the board name with three letters (DHA), then write passing year (2020), space your Roll Number (12345), and to send 16222.

Note: Then you will get a return SMS and you can see SSC Result 2020 there. The rules for messaging are provided below:

Example: SSC <> DHA <> 2019 <> 12345 to send 16222

SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board Check by Mobile Apps :

You will be able to check the SSC exam result with Mobile Apps. You need to download these apps on your mobile to do this. These apps allow you to quickly check results.

You must be wondering where do I download these apps. I am answering this question. You can download these apps from here. Click to Download Apps: Education Board Result. Then install it.

And with these apps you can check the results very easily. Go there and provide the important information you need. Then you will reach the place you need.

Dhaka Board Result 2020:

Secondary and Higher Secondary “Dhaka Education Board” is located in the capital of Bangladesh. It serves as the regulatory authority of the Secondary and Higher Secondary Boards of the Department of Bangladesh.

This Board of Education was established in 1921 in Dhaka district of Bangladesh. At present, the building is located at the headquarters of Dhaka Bakshibazar area. Contact Address: 13,14 Jayanag Road, Dhaka 1211, Mobile Number – 01935-678591.

Dhaka Education Board is still ahead in Bangladesh’s education system. They get good results from other education boards. They get GPA-5.00 every year from all the education boards.

The Dhaka Board is gaining reputation as well as the success of the students. This time the SSC results will be the final successful from the 2020 Dhaka board. The hard work is behind these successful earnings. As long as he works hard, he can enjoy the sweet.

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